About Cole

The son of a carpenter and a public school teacher, Dr. Cole Peck is a board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician in Northeast Arkansas.   He is a medical director of urgent care services in Jonesboro and senior partner to Integrity Medical Consulting which manages several medical facilities in the area.

“I would like to better serve my community by using my experience as a small business owner and physician,” said Peck.  “Having served the people of Northeast Arkansas through healthcare and getting to hear the important issues facing families, I’ll bring a well-rounded and considered approach to the topics we’ll discuss in the legislature. The price of basic healthcare is becoming increasingly out of reach for patients.  The rising cost of prescription medicines are causing people to go without, while our local pharmacies are being threatened with closure.”

Peck says he supports efforts to continue lowering Arkansas’ tax burden, especially in light of the new Trump tax plan, and will seek out common-sense efficiency throughout state government. 

“We need to find a way to lower our state income tax without cutting essential services  so we can be competitive with surrounding states and bring more jobs and growth to the area.”  

In addition to his desire for job creation, fiscal responsibility, and stronger educational opportunities for all students, Peck is a strong defender of individual liberties, traditional family values, and is pro-life.  As a lifetime member of the NRA, a concealed carry permit holder, and owner of numerous firearms, he is a tough advocate for protecting gun rights.

Peck lives in Jonesboro with his wife of 17 years, Karen, who is also an Emergency Medicine Physician. They have three young sons.   In his spare time, Peck is an avid reader of historical fiction, swimmer, and a long distance runner.  He is a supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project and multiple other charities.  The Peck family are active members of Nettleton Baptist Church.